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Radiant Straight 10-Bar Hardwired Electric Towel Warmer in Satin Brass

Radiant Straight 10-Bar Hardwired Electric Towel Warmer in Satin Brass

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The Radiant collection features affordable, wall-mounted towel warmers. Wrap yourself in a warm, cozy towel or bathrobe after every bath or shower. Prevent your towel from developing that gross musty smell by drying it after every use and reduce how frequently you have to wash your towels. Choose between round or square bars as well as a shelf model; straight or curved horizontal bars, in a hardwired or plug-in variation - Amba has a style and size to fit all needs. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, they are offered in a variety of finishes including brushed, polished, matte black and satin brass and feature integrated On/Off switches on the unit.

Pamper yourself with the ultimate luxury and comfort - wrap yourself in warm, dry towels and bathrobes after every shower or bath. Never worry about a cold, damp, smelly towel again!
Primarily used in bathrooms to dry and warm towels, keeping them smelling fresher and cleaner longer and reducing laundry frequency. They can also be used in laundry rooms, mud rooms and wet rooms to dry delicates, rain or ski jackets, bathing suits or almost any other article of clothing.
10 Straight horizontal bars - all vertical and horizontal bars heat up; Ideal for drying and warming 2 towels
Proven in a scientific study to reduce bacterial growth on towels by 94% and prevent musty odors - read the whitepaper on
Hardwired towel warmer with integrated on/off switch - separate timers can be added for more functionality
Replaces your towel bars and robe hooks - hang towels on horizontal sections and bathrobes from the top of the vertical bars which also heat
Power: 150W; 1.3A; 120V; Approx. Dims: 24W x 32H x 5D
Made of rust resistant, 304 stainless steel
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