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Morden Armchair, Wooden Leisure Chair, Single Sofa Chair With Backrest and Cushion, Living Room Reading Chair, Beige

Morden Armchair, Wooden Leisure Chair, Single Sofa Chair With Backrest and Cushion, Living Room Reading Chair, Beige

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8-classic style designs to create your own home series. The classic design of the accent chair, the high-quality polyester fiber and PU leather, and the high-quality cushion with high thickness will give you the ultimate comfortable experience. The wooden frame of the armchair and the rubber legs of the solid wood together provide a bearing capacity of up to 275 lbs, which can stand the test of time. Accent chairs are the basic accessories of living room, bedroom, leisure room, club and salon.

The best filling accent chair in the room this classic accent chair will be the best filler for your room, there are 8-styles for you to choose from, including artificial leather chair and polyester fiber characteristic chair to meet your needs, brown rubber legs, revealing a trace of elegance, the V-shaped structure adds the charm of the space, this characteristic chair is irreplaceable in living room, bedroom, leisure room, club and salon
Durable armchair this armchair can stand the test of time, wooden frame, high stability, strong solid wood legs and tight connections between components together provide 275 lbs. of force, PU leather is durable and waterproof, polyester fiber finish is wear-resistant and dirt resistant, both chairs can be used for a long time
Leisure chair with high comfort our leisure chairs are extremely comfortable, the backrest and seat cushion ingeniously form a V-shaped structure, which conforms to ergonomics, the seat cushion and backrest cushion are filled with high-quality foam with high thickness, which has good elasticity and good resilience, this leisure chair can effectively solve the fatigue of sitting for a long time, and it is worth having
Widely used single sofa chair the single sofa chair is made of high-quality materials and excellent design, which can be widely used, not only the living room and lounge, it is a perfect complement to the living room, reading room, bedroom, club and salon, eight classic styles are available to meet your various matching needs
Detail design of accent chair the whole accent chair gives people a comfortable feeling, and each design serves customers, the external frame is carefully polished, and the coating on the surface is waterproof and adds a sense of fashion, the unique feature of the accent chair is that each screw is equipped with a soft plug, which reduces the contact between the antirust screw and the air and extends the service life of the accent chair
Easy to install reading chair the installation of the reading chair is very convenient, after receiving the goods, you only need to plug in your legs, and the installation can be completed in about 10 minutes the reading chair is also easy to clean, the cushion and backrest are detachable and can be removed when cleaning

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